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Choice of Last 300 Days - Basketball - NBA

DateMatchup : Home Team vs Away TeamChoice TeamChoice TypeUnitsBankrollResult
5-25-2017Boston Celtics vs Cleveland CavaliersBoston CelticsSpread : +9.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
5-19-2017Boston Celtics vs Cleveland CavaliersBoston CelticsSpread : +5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
5-12-2017Washington Wizards vs Boston CelticsBoston CelticsSpread : +5 -11010.001,000Win
5-3-2017San Antonio Spurs vs Houston RocketsSan Antonio SpursTotal : Under 216 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
4-28-2017Chicago Bulls vs Boston CelticsChicago BullsSpread : +2.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
4-25-2017San Antonio Spurs vs Memphis GrizzliesMemphis GrizzliesSpread : +10.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
4-25-2017Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma City ThunderSpread : +7.5 -11010.001,000Win
4-22-2017Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto RaptorsToronto RaptorsSpread : +2.5 -11010.001,000Win
2-23-2017Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles ClippersSpread : +13 -11010.001,000Win
2-23-2017New Orleans Pelicans vs Houston RocketsNew Orleans PelicansSpread : +4 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
2-23-2017New Orleans Pelicans vs Houston RocketsHouston RocketsTotal : Over 228 -1100.000
2-6-2017Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio SpursMemphis GrizzliesSpread : +3 -11010.001,000Win
2-6-2017New Orleans Pelicans vs Phoenix SunsNew Orleans PelicansTotal : Under 220 -11010.001,000Win
2-6-2017Washington Wizards vs Cleveland CavaliersWashington WizardsTotal : Under 219 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
2-2-2017San Antonio Spurs vs Philadelphia 76ersSan Antonio SpursTotal : Under 214 -11010.001,000Win
1-27-2017Atlanta Hawks vs Washington WizardsWashington WizardsSpread : +3.5 -11010.001,000Win
1-27-2017Philadelphia 76ers vs Houston RocketsPhiladelphia 76ersTotal : Under 221 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
1-26-2017Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas MavericksDallas MavericksSpread : +9.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
1-18-2017Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma City ThunderSpread : +14 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
1-12-2017Golden State Warriors vs Detroit PistonsGolden State WarriorsSpread : -13 -11010.001,000Win
1-11-2017Boston Celtics vs Washington WizardsWashington WizardsSpread : +5.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
12-29-2016Phoenix Suns vs Toronto RaptorsPhoenix SunsSpread : +9 -11010.001,000Win
12-29-2016Utah Jazz vs Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphia 76ersSpread : +14.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
12-29-2016Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston CelticsCleveland CavaliersTotal : Under 216.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
12-28-2016Golden State Warriors vs Toronto RaptorsGolden State WarriorsTotal : Under 225.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
12-28-2016San Antonio Spurs vs Phoenix SunsSan Antonio SpursTotal : Under 216 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
12-16-2016Miami Heat vs Los Angeles ClippersMiami HeatSpread : +7 -11010.001,000Win
12-16-2016Orlando Magic vs Brooklyn NetsOrlando MagicTotal : Under 216 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
11-30-2016Minnesota Timberwolves vs New York KnicksMinnesota TimberwolvesSpread : -4 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
11-30-2016Oklahoma City Thunder vs Washington WizardsOklahoma City ThunderSpread : -5.5 -11010.001,000Win
11-30-2016Oklahoma City Thunder vs Washington WizardsWashington WizardsTotal : Over 215 -11010.001,000Win
11-30-2016Boston Celtics vs Detroit PistonsBoston CelticsSpread : -7 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
11-16-2016Toronto Raptors vs Golden State WarriorsGolden State WarriorsSpread : -6 -1100.000
11-16-2016Toronto Raptors vs Golden State WarriorsGolden State WarriorsTotal : Over 221.5 -11010.001,000Win
11-11-2016San Antonio Spurs vs Detroit PistonsDetroit PistonsSpread : +9 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
11-11-2016Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles ClippersOklahoma City ThunderSpread : +5 -11010.001,000Win
11-10-2016Denver Nuggets vs Golden State WarriorsDenver NuggetsSpread : +6.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
11-10-2016Milwaukee Bucks vs New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans PelicansTotal : Over 206.5 -11010.001,000Win
11-8-2016Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas MavericksDallas MavericksSpread : +4.5 -11010.001,000Win
11-8-2016Portland Trail Blazers vs Phoenix SunsPhoenix SunsTotal : Over 219 -11010.001,000Win
11-7-2016Los Angeles Clippers vs Detroit PistonsLos Angeles ClippersSpread : -8.5 -11010.001,000Win
11-2-2016Boston Celtics vs Chicago BullsBoston CelticsTotal : Under 209.5 -11010.001,000Win

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