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Choice of Last 300 Days - Basketball - NBA

DateMatchup : Home Team vs Away TeamChoice TeamChoice TypeUnitsBankrollResult
1-23-2018San Antonio Spurs vs Cleveland CavaliersCleveland CavaliersSpread : -1.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
1-22-2018Los Angeles Clippers vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota TimberwolvesSpread : -3 -11010.001,000Win
1-22-2018Dallas Mavericks vs Washington WizardsWashington WizardsSpread : -2 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
1-8-2018Los Angeles Clippers vs Atlanta HawksAtlanta HawksMoneyline : 170-3.00-300Lost
1-8-2018Minnesota Timberwolves vs Cleveland CavaliersCleveland CavaliersSpread : 0 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
1-8-2018New Orleans Pelicans vs Detroit PistonsDetroit PistonsMoneyline : 210-3.00-300Lost
1-8-2018Minnesota Timberwolves vs Cleveland CavaliersCleveland CavaliersMoneyline : 103-3.00-300Lost
1-8-2018Indiana Pacers vs Milwaukee BucksMilwaukee BucksMoneyline : 105-3.00-300Lost
1-7-2018Dallas Mavericks vs New York KnicksNew York KnicksMoneyline : 1755.25525Win
1-7-2018Miami Heat vs Utah JazzUtah JazzMoneyline : 155-3.00-300Lost
1-6-2018Minnesota Timberwolves vs New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans PelicansMoneyline : 103-3.00-300Lost
1-6-2018Washington Wizards vs Milwaukee BucksMilwaukee BucksMoneyline : 1554.65465Win
1-5-2018Memphis Grizzlies vs Washington WizardsMemphis GrizzliesMoneyline : 170-3.00-300Lost
1-5-2018Denver Nuggets vs Utah JazzUtah JazzMoneyline : 235-3.00-300Lost
1-5-2018Dallas Mavericks vs Chicago BullsChicago BullsMoneyline : 1755.25525Win
1-5-2018Miami Heat vs New York KnicksNew York KnicksMoneyline : 175-3.00-300Lost
1-5-2018Boston Celtics vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota TimberwolvesMoneyline : 130-3.00-300Lost
1-3-2018Los Angeles Lakers vs Oklahoma City ThunderLos Angeles LakersMoneyline : 205-3.00-300Lost
1-3-2018Utah Jazz vs New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans PelicansMoneyline : 1033.09309Win
1-3-2018Boston Celtics vs Cleveland CavaliersCleveland CavaliersMoneyline : 130-3.00-300Lost
1-3-2018Miami Heat vs Detroit PistonsDetroit PistonsMoneyline : 125-3.00-300Lost
1-3-2018Philadelphia 76ers vs San Antonio SpursSan Antonio SpursMoneyline : -103-3.09-309Lost
1-2-2018Los Angeles Clippers vs Memphis GrizzliesMemphis GrizzliesMoneyline : 175-3.00-300Lost
10-18-2017San Antonio Spurs vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota TimberwolvesSpread : +1.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
10-18-2017Dallas Mavericks vs Atlanta HawksAtlanta HawksSpread : +6 -11010.001,000Win
10-18-2017Detroit Pistons vs Charlotte HornetsCharlotte HornetsSpread : +3 -110-11.00-1,100Lost

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