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Choice of Last 300 Days - Hockey - NHL

DateMatchup : Home Team vs Away TeamChoice TeamChoice TypeUnitsBankrollResult
2-20-2018New Jersey Devils vs Columbus Blue JacketsNew Jersey DevilsMoneyline : -110-5.50-550Lost
2-19-2018Vegas Golden Knights vs Anaheim DucksVegas Golden KnightsMoneyline : -155-7.75-775Lost
2-18-2018Winnipeg Jets vs Florida PanthersFlorida PanthersMoneyline : 170-5.00-500Lost
2-18-2018Columbus Blue Jackets vs Pittsburgh PenguinsPittsburgh PenguinsMoneyline : 1005.00500Win
2-18-2018Carolina Hurricanes vs New Jersey DevilsNew Jersey DevilsMoneyline : 1457.25725Win
2-18-2018New York Rangers vs Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphia FlyersMoneyline : -1355.00500Win
2-4-2018Carolina Hurricanes vs San Jose SharksCarolina HurricanesMoneyline : -130-6.50-650Lost
1-21-2018Carolina Hurricanes vs Vegas Golden KnightsVegas Golden KnightsMoneyline : -1205.00500Win
1-19-2018Washington Capitals vs Montreal CanadiensWashington CapitalsMoneyline : -155-7.75-775Lost
1-19-2018Florida Panthers vs Vegas Golden KnightsVegas Golden KnightsMoneyline : -105-5.25-525Lost
1-14-2018Minnesota Wild vs Vancouver CanucksMinnesota WildMoneyline : -175-8.75-875Lost
1-13-2018Los Angeles Kings vs Anaheim DucksLos Angeles KingsMoneyline : -125-6.25-625Lost
1-13-2018New Jersey Devils vs Philadelphia FlyersNew Jersey DevilsMoneyline : -130-6.50-650Lost
1-13-2018Montreal Canadiens vs Boston BruinsBoston BruinsMoneyline : -1355.00500Win
1-7-2018Vegas Golden Knights vs New York RangersVegas Golden KnightsMoneyline : -1855.00500Win
1-7-2018Columbus Blue Jackets vs Florida PanthersColumbus Blue JacketsMoneyline : -1655.00500Win
1-7-2018Washington Capitals vs St. Louis BluesWashington CapitalsMoneyline : -1505.00500Win
1-7-2018Winnipeg Jets vs San Jose SharksWinnipeg JetsMoneyline : -1455.00500Win
1-7-2018Chicago Blackhawks vs Edmonton OilersChicago BlackhawksMoneyline : -1505.00500Win
1-6-2018Arizona Coyotes vs New York RangersNew York RangersMoneyline : -1605.00500Win
1-6-2018Boston Bruins vs Carolina HurricanesBoston BruinsMoneyline : -1505.00500Win
1-6-2018Dallas Stars vs Edmonton OilersDallas StarsMoneyline : -1555.00500Win
1-1-2018New York Rangers vs Buffalo SabresBuffalo SabresMoneyline : 140-5.00-500Lost
12-31-2017Dallas Stars vs San Jose SharksDallas StarsMoneyline : -1355.00500Win
12-31-2017Vegas Golden Knights vs Toronto Maple LeafsVegas Golden KnightsMoneyline : -1405.00500Win
12-28-2017San Jose Sharks vs Calgary FlamesSan Jose SharksMoneyline : -1305.00500Win
12-28-2017Vancouver Canucks vs Chicago BlackhawksChicago BlackhawksMoneyline : -130-6.50-650Lost
12-17-2017Vegas Golden Knights vs Florida PanthersVegas Golden KnightsMoneyline : -1605.00500Win
12-17-2017Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota WildChicago BlackhawksMoneyline : -1855.00500Win
12-15-2017Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose SharksSan Jose SharksMoneyline : -150-7.50-750Lost
12-15-2017Detroit Red Wings vs Toronto Maple LeafsToronto Maple LeafsMoneyline : -105-5.25-525Lost
12-12-2017Vegas Golden Knights vs Carolina HurricanesVegas Golden KnightsMoneyline : -160-8.00-800Lost
12-12-2017Minnesota Wild vs Calgary FlamesMinnesota WildMoneyline : -1205.00500Win
12-10-2017St. Louis Blues vs Buffalo SabresSt. Louis BluesMoneyline : -1805.00500Win
12-10-2017Toronto Maple Leafs vs Edmonton OilersToronto Maple LeafsMoneyline : -1555.00500Win
12-9-2017Los Angeles Kings vs Carolina HurricanesLos Angeles KingsMoneyline : -1455.00500Win
12-9-2017San Jose Sharks vs Ottawa SenatorsSan Jose SharksMoneyline : -1655.00500Win
12-9-2017Florida Panthers vs Colorado AvalancheFlorida PanthersMoneyline : -145-7.25-725Lost
12-9-2017Detroit Red Wings vs St. Louis BluesSt. Louis BluesMoneyline : -1505.00500Win
12-8-2017Nashville Predators vs Vegas Golden KnightsNashville PredatorsMoneyline : -165-8.25-825Lost
12-8-2017Washington Capitals vs New York RangersWashington CapitalsMoneyline : -1405.00500Win
12-8-2017New Jersey Devils vs Columbus Blue JacketsColumbus Blue JacketsMoneyline : -1305.00500Win
12-6-2017Washington Capitals vs Chicago BlackhawksWashington CapitalsMoneyline : -1405.00500Win
12-6-2017Toronto Maple Leafs vs Calgary FlamesToronto Maple LeafsMoneyline : -1505.00500Win
11-26-2017New York Rangers vs Vancouver CanucksNew York RangersMoneyline : -1655.00500Win
11-26-2017Carolina Hurricanes vs Nashville PredatorsNashville PredatorsMoneyline : 105-5.00-500Lost
11-25-2017St. Louis Blues vs Minnesota WildSt. Louis BluesMoneyline : -1555.00500Win
11-24-2017New York Rangers vs Detroit Red WingsNew York RangersMoneyline : -1655.00500Win
11-24-2017Vegas Golden Knights vs San Jose SharksVegas Golden KnightsMoneyline : -1105.00500Win
11-24-2017Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay LightningWashington CapitalsMoneyline : 1005.00500Win
11-22-2017Washington Capitals vs Ottawa SenatorsWashington CapitalsMoneyline : -1355.00500Win
11-22-2017Florida Panthers vs Toronto Maple LeafsToronto Maple LeafsMoneyline : -115-5.75-575Lost
11-21-2017St. Louis Blues vs Edmonton OilersSt. Louis BluesMoneyline : -1455.00500Win
11-19-2017Anaheim Ducks vs Florida PanthersAnaheim DucksMoneyline : -1355.00500Win
11-18-2017Vancouver Canucks vs St. Louis BluesSt. Louis BluesMoneyline : -1355.00500Win
11-18-2017Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York IslandersTampa Bay LightningMoneyline : -170-8.50-850Lost
11-18-2017Los Angeles Kings vs Florida PanthersLos Angeles KingsMoneyline : -1455.00500Win
11-11-2017Arizona Coyotes vs Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg JetsMoneyline : -1155.00500Win
11-10-2017Columbus Blue Jackets vs Carolina HurricanesColumbus Blue JacketsMoneyline : -140-7.00-700Lost
11-5-2017Chicago Blackhawks vs Montreal CanadiensChicago BlackhawksMoneyline : -160-8.00-800Lost
11-4-2017Vancouver Canucks vs Pittsburgh PenguinsPittsburgh PenguinsMoneyline : -140-7.00-700Lost
11-4-2017Dallas Stars vs Buffalo SabresDallas StarsMoneyline : -1855.00500Win
11-4-2017Philadelphia Flyers vs Colorado AvalanchePhiladelphia FlyersMoneyline : -165-8.25-825Lost
10-28-2017New Jersey Devils vs Arizona CoyotesNew Jersey DevilsMoneyline : -1505.00500Win
10-28-2017Tampa Bay Lightning vs Anaheim DucksTampa Bay LightningMoneyline : -155-7.75-775Lost
10-28-2017Toronto Maple Leafs vs Philadelphia FlyersToronto Maple LeafsMoneyline : -150-7.50-750Lost
10-27-2017Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville PredatorsChicago BlackhawksMoneyline : -125-6.25-625Lost
10-27-2017Carolina Hurricanes vs St. Louis BluesSt. Louis BluesMoneyline : -1055.00500Win
10-24-2017Nashville Predators vs Calgary FlamesNashville PredatorsMoneyline : -145-7.25-725Lost
10-24-2017Carolina Hurricanes vs Tampa Bay LightningTampa Bay LightningMoneyline : -1105.00500Win
10-24-2017Pittsburgh Penguins vs Edmonton OilersPittsburgh PenguinsMoneyline : -1505.00500Win
10-21-2017Arizona Coyotes vs Chicago BlackhawksChicago BlackhawksMoneyline : -1555.00500Win
10-21-2017Dallas Stars vs Carolina HurricanesDallas StarsMoneyline : -1305.00500Win
10-21-2017Washington Capitals vs Florida PanthersWashington CapitalsMoneyline : -145-7.25-725Lost

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