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DateMatchup : Home Team vs Away TeamChoice TeamChoice TypeUnitsBankrollResult
9-19-2017Seattle Mariners vs Texas RangersTexas RangersMoneyline : 1356.75675Win
9-19-2017Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis CardinalsTotal : Over 9.5 -11510.001,000Win
9-19-2017Philadelphia Phillies vs Los Angeles DodgersLos Angeles DodgersMoneyline : -165-8.25-825Lost
9-18-2017San Diego Padres vs Arizona DiamondbacksSan Diego PadresSpread : +1.5 -1305.00500Win
9-18-2017Detroit Tigers vs Oakland AthleticsOakland AthleticsTotal : Over 10 -11510.001,000Win
9-18-2017Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red SoxBaltimore OriolesMoneyline : -122-6.10-610Lost
9-15-2017Houston Astros vs Seattle MarinersSeattle MarinersTotal : Over 9 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
9-15-2017Minnesota Twins vs Toronto Blue JaysMinnesota TwinsMoneyline : 103-10.00-1,000Lost
9-15-2017Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White SoxChicago White SoxMoneyline : 106-10.00-1,000Lost
9-14-2017Los Angeles Angels vs Houston AstrosHouston AstrosTotal : Over 9 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
9-14-2017Cleveland Indians vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City RoyalsSpread : +1.5 -1255.00500Win
9-14-2017New York Yankees vs Baltimore OriolesNew York YankeesTotal : Under 9.5 -110-5.50-550Lost
9-8-2017Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee BrewersChicago CubsMoneyline : -120-12.00-1,200Lost
9-8-2017Atlanta Braves vs Miami MarlinsAtlanta BravesMoneyline : -120-6.00-600Lost
9-8-2017Cleveland Indians vs Baltimore OriolesBaltimore OriolesTotal : Over 9 105-5.00-500Lost
9-7-2017Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland IndiansCleveland IndiansSpread : -1.5 -1505.00500Win
9-7-2017New York Mets vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati RedsMoneyline : -122-6.10-610Lost
9-7-2017Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago CubsChicago CubsTotal : Over 7.5 10010.001,000Win
9-5-2017Seattle Mariners vs Houston AstrosSeattle MarinersSpread : +1.5 -120-6.00-600Lost
9-5-2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona DiamondbacksLos Angeles DodgersMoneyline : -125-12.50-1,250Lost
9-5-2017New York Mets vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia PhilliesTotal : Over 8 -1105.00500Win
9-4-2017Baltimore Orioles vs New York YankeesBaltimore OriolesMoneyline : -125-6.25-625Lost
9-4-2017Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City RoyalsMoneyline : -1455.00500Win
9-4-2017Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee BrewersMoneyline : -129-12.90-1,290Lost
9-3-2017New York Yankees vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red SoxMoneyline : -112-11.20-1,120Lost
9-1-2017Chicago White Sox vs Tampa Bay RaysChicago White SoxSpread : +1.5 -105-10.50-1,050Lost
9-1-2017Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City RoyalsMinnesota TwinsMoneyline : -106-10.60-1,060Lost
9-1-2017Miami Marlins vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia PhilliesTotal : Over 9 105-5.00-500Lost
8-31-2017Baltimore Orioles vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue JaysSpread : +1.5 -15510.001,000Win
8-31-2017Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles DodgersLos Angeles DodgersMoneyline : -111-5.55-555Lost
8-31-2017New York Yankees vs Boston Red SoxNew York YankeesTotal : Under 9 1005.00500Win
8-30-2017Kansas City Royals vs Tampa Bay RaysKansas City RoyalsMoneyline : -128-12.80-1,280Lost
8-30-2017Cincinnati Reds vs New York MetsNew York MetsTotal : Over 10 -105-5.25-525Lost
8-30-2017Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red SoxTotal : Over 8.5 -105-5.25-525Lost
8-29-2017Milwaukee Brewers vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis CardinalsMoneyline : -1295.00500Win
8-29-2017Houston Astros vs Texas RangersHouston AstrosMoneyline : -140-14.00-1,400Lost
8-29-2017New York Yankees vs Cleveland IndiansCleveland IndiansMoneyline : 1030.000
8-28-2017Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red SoxMoneyline : 10210.201,020Win
8-28-2017Washington Nationals vs Miami MarlinsMiami MarlinsSpread : +1.5 -110-5.50-550Lost
8-28-2017Philadelphia Phillies vs Atlanta BravesPhiladelphia PhilliesMoneyline : -1455.00500Win
8-27-2017Atlanta Braves vs Colorado RockiesColorado RockiesMoneyline : -1275.00500Win
8-27-2017Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore OriolesBoston Red SoxMoneyline : -154-15.40-1,540Lost
8-27-2017Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh PiratesTotal : Over 9.5 -115-5.75-575Lost
8-26-2017Cleveland Indians vs Kansas City RoyalsCleveland IndiansMoneyline : -1585.00500Win
8-26-2017St. Louis Cardinals vs Tampa Bay RaysSt. Louis CardinalsMoneyline : -13510.001,000Win
8-26-2017Los Angeles Angels vs Houston AstrosLos Angeles AngelsMoneyline : -1025.00500Win
8-25-2017Atlanta Braves vs Colorado RockiesAtlanta BravesMoneyline : -11710.001,000Win
8-25-2017Miami Marlins vs San Diego PadresMiami MarlinsMoneyline : -15310.001,000Win
8-25-2017Philadelphia Phillies vs Chicago CubsChicago CubsSpread : -1.5 -130-13.00-1,300Lost
8-24-2017Los Angeles Angels vs Texas RangersLos Angeles AngelsMoneyline : -141-14.10-1,410Lost
8-24-2017Cleveland Indians vs Boston Red SoxCleveland IndiansSpread : +1.5 -1205.00500Win
8-24-2017Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago CubsCincinnati RedsSpread : +1.5 -1105.00500Win
8-24-2017Kansas City Royals vs Colorado RockiesColorado RockiesMoneyline : -1055.00500Win
8-24-2017Tampa Bay Rays vs Toronto Blue JaysTampa Bay RaysMoneyline : -15110.001,000Win
8-23-2017Houston Astros vs Washington NationalsHouston AstrosMoneyline : -16410.001,000Win
8-23-2017New York Mets vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona DiamondbacksMoneyline : -186-9.30-930Lost
8-23-2017Cleveland Indians vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red SoxSpread : +1.5 -1455.00500Win
8-22-2017Kansas City Royals vs Colorado RockiesColorado RockiesTotal : Over 8.5 -120-12.00-1,200Lost
8-22-2017Houston Astros vs Washington NationalsWashington NationalsSpread : +1.5 -1305.00500Win
8-22-2017Atlanta Braves vs Seattle MarinersAtlanta BravesMoneyline : 1055.25525Win
8-21-2017San Francisco Giants vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee BrewersMoneyline : -117-5.85-585Lost
8-21-2017Los Angeles Angels vs Texas RangersTexas RangersMoneyline : 1407.00700Win
8-21-2017Pittsburgh Pirates vs Los Angeles DodgersPittsburgh PiratesSpread : +1.5 -13010.001,000Win

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