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Choice of Last 300 Days - Football - NFL

DateMatchup : Home Team vs Away TeamChoice TeamChoice TypeUnitsBankrollResult
9-21-2017San Francisco 49ers vs Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles RamsSpread : -2.5 -130-6.50-650Lost
9-18-2017New York Giants vs Detroit LionsDetroit LionsTotal : Over 42 -110-5.50-550Lost
9-17-2017Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia EaglesKansas City ChiefsSpread : -5 -11010.001,000Win
9-17-2017New Orleans Saints vs New England PatriotsNew England PatriotsTotal : Over 57 -110-5.50-550Lost
9-17-2017Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee TitansJacksonville JaguarsSpread : 0 100-5.00-500Lost
9-14-2017Cincinnati Bengals vs Houston TexansHouston TexansTotal : Over 38.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
9-10-2017Green Bay Packers vs Seattle SeahawksSeattle SeahawksTotal : Over 50.5 -110-5.50-550Lost
9-10-2017Detroit Lions vs Arizona CardinalsDetroit LionsSpread : +2.5 -1055.00500Win
9-10-2017Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia EaglesTotal : Over 49.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
9-7-2017New England Patriots vs Kansas City ChiefsKansas City ChiefsTotal : Over 48 -1105.00500Win
2-5-2017Atlanta Falcons vs New England PatriotsNew England PatriotsSpread : -3 -11010.001,000Win
1-22-2017New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh SteelersSpread : +6 -110-5.50-550Lost
1-22-2017Atlanta Falcons vs Green Bay PackersGreen Bay PackersSpread : +5.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
1-15-2017Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay PackersGreen Bay PackersTotal : Over 52 -11010.001,000Win
1-15-2017Kansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburgh SteelersKansas City ChiefsSpread : 0 -125-6.25-625Lost
1-14-2017Atlanta Falcons vs Seattle SeahawksAtlanta FalconsSpread : -5 -11010.001,000Win
1-8-2017Green Bay Packers vs New York GiantsGreen Bay PackersSpread : -5 -1105.00500Win
1-8-2017Pittsburgh Steelers vs Miami DolphinsPittsburgh SteelersSpread : -12 10510.501,050Win
1-7-2017Seattle Seahawks vs Detroit LionsDetroit LionsTotal : Over 44 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
1-7-2017Houston Texans vs Oakland RaidersHouston TexansSpread : -3.5 -1105.00500Win
1-1-2017Denver Broncos vs Oakland RaidersDenver BroncosSpread : 0 -1105.00500Win
1-1-2017Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona CardinalsLos Angeles RamsSpread : +7 -130-13.00-1,300Lost
1-1-2017Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas CowboysPhiladelphia EaglesSpread : -5.5 -1105.00500Win
1-1-2017Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans SaintsNew Orleans SaintsTotal : Over 57 -1105.00500Win
1-1-2017Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville JaguarsJacksonville JaguarsSpread : +4.5 -1105.00500Win
12-26-2016Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit LionsDetroit LionsTotal : Over 45.5 -11010.001,000Win
12-25-2016Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver BroncosKansas City ChiefsSpread : -3.5 1005.00500Win
12-25-2016Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore RavensBaltimore RavensTotal : Over 46.5 -11010.001,000Win
12-24-2016Houston Texans vs Cincinnati BengalsCincinnati BengalsSpread : 0 105-10.00-1,000Lost
12-24-2016Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ersSpread : +5 -1105.00500Win
12-24-2016Oakland Raiders vs Indianapolis ColtsIndianapolis ColtsSpread : +3.5 -110-5.50-550Lost
12-24-2016Cleveland Browns vs San Diego ChargersCleveland BrownsSpread : +4 -1105.00500Win
12-24-2016Chicago Bears vs Washington RedskinsChicago BearsSpread : +3 100-10.00-1,000Lost
12-24-2016Cleveland Browns vs San Diego ChargersCleveland BrownsSpread : +5 -1105.00500Win
12-24-2016Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota VikingsGreen Bay PackersTotal : Under 43 -110-5.50-550Lost
12-22-2016Philadelphia Eagles vs New York GiantsPhiladelphia EaglesSpread : 0 -12510.001,000Win
12-19-2016Washington Redskins vs Carolina PanthersCarolina PanthersTotal : Over 50.5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
12-18-2016San Diego Chargers vs Oakland RaidersOakland RaidersSpread : -3 1100.000
12-18-2016Atlanta Falcons vs San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ersTotal : Over 51 -11010.001,000Win
12-18-2016Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee TitansKansas City ChiefsSpread : -7 120-5.00-500Lost
12-18-2016Minnesota Vikings vs Indianapolis ColtsMinnesota VikingsSpread : -5 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
12-17-2016New York Jets vs Miami DolphinsNew York JetsSpread : +2.5 100-10.00-1,000Lost
12-15-2016Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles RamsTotal : Over 39 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
12-12-2016New England Patriots vs Baltimore RavensBaltimore RavensSpread : +7 -1300.000
12-11-2016Green Bay Packers vs Seattle SeahawksGreen Bay PackersSpread : +3 -1155.00500Win
12-11-2016Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington RedskinsWashington RedskinsSpread : -1 -12510.001,000Win
12-11-2016Miami Dolphins vs Arizona CardinalsArizona CardinalsTotal : Over 43.5 -1105.00500Win
12-11-2016Indianapolis Colts vs Houston TexansHouston TexansSpread : +7 -1305.00500Win
12-8-2016Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland RaidersKansas City ChiefsSpread : -3.5 -10510.001,000Win
12-5-2016New York Jets vs Indianapolis ColtsIndianapolis ColtsSpread : 0 -12510.001,000Win
12-4-2016Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York GiantsNew York GiantsTotal : Over 49.5 -110-5.50-550Lost
12-4-2016Oakland Raiders vs Buffalo BillsBuffalo BillsTotal : Over 48.5 -11010.001,000Win
12-4-2016Green Bay Packers vs Houston TexansHouston TexansSpread : +7 -120-6.00-600Lost
12-4-2016Chicago Bears vs San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ersSpread : 0 -110-5.50-550Lost
12-4-2016Baltimore Ravens vs Miami DolphinsBaltimore RavensSpread : -3 -12510.001,000Win
12-1-2016Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas CowboysDallas CowboysTotal : Over 44 -110-11.00-1,100Lost
11-28-2016Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay PackersGreen Bay PackersSpread : +4.5 -1105.00500Win

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