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Hello everyone likes to call me Wheelie. I'm 45 years old and I have been doing capping games and taking side bets since high school. I went to Freedom High School in Bethlehem when I was giving picks to the basketball team I was on and the football team who Dwayne Johnson was on. Yea “The Rock ” and we were and still are good friends.  They made a lot of money off my plays and gave me nice tips that helped me with my later businesses. 

That didn't last very long due the fact that I had a seizure driving and I hit another car head on at 75mph.  I broke 19 bones and 15 are now titanium.  I flatlined 2 times and once for 13 seconds where I heard my grandmonthers voice to "go back" So I did and here I am.  I spent 5 years in rehab and I am soooo glad to be living on my own with my fiance and I hav PLENTY of time to read and surf the net on finding atricles on the next game.

I have 3 MLB experts  going Moneystrong with me right now.  

CFB and NFL insiders with 30 + years combined with myself.  We just brainstormed and linked up and we did a Skype session and we figured out the Week 1 CFB at LEAST 6 WINNERS THAT  WILL MAKE YOU $$$$

When CBB & NBA comes we will have myself Sidney, Bobby Cash and the Money Maker "Double A" who hit over 80% last last year combined.

Last but certainly not least is Sidney Sniper.  He is from our specialist from Canada and is 12-1 right now in CFL action   He not only called the Pens before the season began but they took the Stanley Cup and dominates in NHL.   When you NEED a game THIS IS THE PLACE TO GET NHL when the GUY HIT 85% during the season from the start.

Our last piece is the "Secret Weapon" who is our UFC Expert.  We just signed him up after a long stint training with the likes of Brock Lesnar, BJ Penn and Sparred with Wanderlei Silva.  If you need to know UFC OUR "Secret Weapon" knows who to take and who is going down


Let's get a package and make some $$$$ together

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